Saturday, October 25, 2008

Exploding Truck Tires

First, before I relate an incident that happened to me on the way home from Boise on my last trip, I just want everyone to know that reads this that I do not enjoy playing around on the computer. The computer is not exactly my idea of a "good time". In fact, I was in tears on Thursday (definately not one of the best days of my life) at school when I received my Teachers editions of a new course I am teaching (grammar) and everything I needed was on a CD. All practice material, tests, evaluations, literally everything I needed I had to locate on a CD. Finally after much frustration, I decided I would be better off creating my own material than trying to locate it on the computer. Again though, I was blessed as the computer specialist came to my classroom (divine intervention) to visit with me and what she found was a teacher on the verge of tears due to frustration. My sister keeps asking me why she is not on my blog list and I don't even know what that means let alone get her there. With that, I will continue.
Due to lack of anything else going on in my life, I want to tell you about a scary incident that happened to me a few weeks ago. I was on my way home from Boise and as usual, in a hurry. As I have done many, many times, I was following a truck too close as he was passing another truck. I know you have all been in that situation where you are behind a huge truck and next to a huge truck. Not a fun place to be but I am still riding his tail hoping to pass as soon as he passes. I don't know if the truck in front of me blew a tire or just hit a recently tire that had blown but all the sudden I am getting pounded with hard rubber onto my windshield. Holly Hannah!!! I have never experienced that before. And you think hail hits the windshield hard. I was scared beyond words and more was flying at me. Talk about you life flashing by in a second. I knew my windshield was going to shatter and that hard rubber tire pieces were going to hit me right in the face. I slammed on my brakes still getting pelted with hard rubber. I was lucky there wasn't a car behind me (everyone else on the road was much smarter that me). Luckily, I slowed enough to dodge the rest of the rubber but my heart was pounding so fast I didn't know what to do. Another one of those incidents that I now can add to my list of "life experiences" which are things I have experienced that I never want to experience again but ones that I have learned from. I started my "life experience" list just after I ran for the legislature, that being the top of the list. It has grown since then. In fact, one of these days I will ask everyone to submit one of their "life experiences" and I will pass them around. That will be another time.
I relate this experience to all my millions of readers to warn you to stop following trucks so close as you never know when they will blow a tire and it will hit you right where you don't want to be hit - in the windshield. Words of wisdom from Nana Nead: Keep you distance from vehicles be it trucks, cars, or busses. In other words, drive defensively and safely.
Have got to close for now. Tons of leave are waiting to be raked. Bought me a new toy last week - a rake that not only rakes leaves but gathers them as well. If I can ever learn how to post pitures, that will be one I will post. Later.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

First Snow

It's Saturday morning and I got up and wanted to go for a walk but lo and behold, I look out the window and SNOW! Our first snow for the year and it is always hard to take. Seems a little early this year as the farmers are still trying to get potatoes and grains out of the ground.
Speaking of potatoes, we had our fall break last week and as usual, I packed up and went to Boise to visit grandkids. Got my car tuned up on Wed. morning and headed west to arrive there just in time to watch Max practice soccer. After the soccer practice, I learned why I love being a "Nana" so much. It was late so we stopped in at the local Subway and after chowing down a delicious sandwich, Max leans back and says "This is the best day of my life." His mom inquired why and he replies "I got to play soccer and my nana came to visit." Wow! Didn't know I could make someone's day the best day of their life. I decided then and there to try and make everyday the best day of my life. Sometimes I don't suceed, but at least I try.
Nikki came down from McCall on Thursday and we had a great day together. She looks GREAT! Has lost 78 lbs. to date (probably more by now) and says she feels good. Proud of you Nikki. It isn't easy is it?
Yesterday wasn't one of the best days of my life, but I accomplished something I never thought possible. For those of you that don't know, computer stuff comes really hard for me. I grew up on a manual typewriter - none of this high tech stuff. But, I have been forced to join the computer generation and it hasn't been an easy task for me. At the beginning of school, I paniced when they brought me a brand new computer as I was so used to my old out-of-date one. Luckily the computer tech set it up for me and gave me some quick instructions. I was petrified thinking I would never be able to operate it but wa la, it turned out to be easier than I thought. I now love my new school computer. But, as the old computer went out the door, so did the printer that was attached to it. I asked the computer tech where my printer was and she said I would have to order my own. So, put a request in to the office and yesterday in comes my new printer but no computer tech with it. The box was dropped off and again, panic struck! I took a deep breath, opened the box, and actually knew how to insert the disc that took me step by step through the installation. I knew that at some point I would get to the step that I couldn't complete and I would run in desperation to the computer tech begging for help. But, I just kept plugging things in and hitting the right buttons and when on the screen appeared the words "Installation Complete" I jumped up and did a little dance around the floor (no I didn't have any students at the time). I couldn't believe it. I actually tested it and IT WORKED! I know this seems so simple to some of you, but those that know me know what a big accomplishment that was for me. So, I can say, probably one of the best days of my school year.
I'm now going to the closet to dig out my winter clothes and brave the weather for a chilly walk around the park. Later!