Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My newest grandchild

I have to keep this short as it is late but I had to show off the newest member of my wonderful family. Little CJ (Cole James) joined our family Oct. 4th and he fit right in as each of his siblings held and passed him around when he was about 3 hours old. My job was to get his brother and sisters to the hospital in time to be there when he was born, but because he came quick and earlier than expected, we were about an hour late but got to see him when he was an hour old just as his dad brought him out of the delivery room. About an hour later, we got to join him and mom in the hospital room where they each got to hold him and welcome him to their family. What a wonderful experience for all of us. Even though no one believes me, I got him to smile twice at me - at three hours old. I do have a way with babies. I feel like Grammy Anderson was hanging around after escorting him to this earth and little CJ pretty much supported my feelings. I had a hard time leaving him on Wed., and he even grunted (my interpretation of a goodbye) when I had to return to my mountain home. I haven't been able to stop thinking about him since I left. I have more picures I am going to post later.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend from the past

Yesterday (Sat) I took a trip back in time. It was the Shelley Spud Day celebration and I usually go down to see old friends and remember my many years at Spud Day and the many parades I got to participate in. First, I got to Rigby in time to see most of Keayen's flag football game that Kelly coaches. I enjoy seeing my boys coach as much as I enjoy watching the grandsons play ball. Kelly has a good team and I wish they could challenge Spencer and Max's team. I don't think Spencer's team has lost or even been challenged - mainly because all the dads are former football payers and their boys look like sons of football players. Maybe they could meet in the middle (Burley) and have a friendly little game on neutral turf. (And the competition between my boys continue except in a different fashion). I don't think it will ever happen though but it would be fun.
After the game, I jumped in my car and rushed to Shelley in hopes of getting in on the end of the parade. I got there in time to get a parking spot at the end and probably got to see about half of it. I looked over next to me and there was a little golf cart with two older ladies sitting in it with a young girl driving. I took a second, longer look and realized one of the women was who I could call my second mother. They lived just down the road from me in Jameston and I think I spent more time at their house with my best friend than I did at my own house. I went over to her and told her who I was, but I don't think she could quite understand. We visited about the past but she still didn't quite comprehend but it was sure fun to see her.
By now, Kelly and Becca had arrived and had surprised me with the fact they were coming down. The knew I went down every year and decided to join me this year. We got to have corn dogs for lunch (a little pricey but you pay for the atmosphere) and an Indian taco. Then, I took them over to the potatoe picking contest and conned Keayen into participating. I can remember the many years I spent in the spud fields picking potatoes and I wanted my grandchildren to experience picking spuds and trying to dump them in a gunny sack. He was a good sport and agreed to pick potatoes just for his nana. We missed his age group so he went with the next age group up but you couldn't tell the difference. He is a tall boy and some day he will realize what an advantage that will be to him. For never picking potatoes, he did a good job and even got the hang of dumping the spuds into the gunny sack. I don't know how he felt, but I was very entertained and it took me back to the years that I won the potatoe picking contest pretty much every year.
From there, we went over to the activities which were not you normal carnival rides but jumping toys. The kids each got to pick about three each and paid a dollar for about a minute on the toy (which we had to stand in line for about 15 min for each one). By now, it was time for Keayen to get back for a birthday party so the family piled in their van and off they went. I tried to locate some old friends but couldn't find them so headed back to my mountain home here in the Tetons. What a fun day I had and it brought back a lot of old memories.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

School Has Begun

Been ages since I blogged. Just a quick run down of what I have been doing lately. Summer went sooo fast I couldn't believe it. I didn't have any other jobs this summer except occasionally cleaning the reunion house at the base of the Tetons. At the end of the summer, I got my fill of being on a road trip and actually came home a couple of days early because I had been gone so long. Spent a few days in Boise, came home cleaned the lodge, went back to Boise, met Jessica who flew out from El Paso, came home again, cleaned the lodge, packed up (Jess wouldn't let me take all my "stuff" and I felt I was living on the edge), went to Utah to attend my nieces beautiful wedding at the SL temple then had a receiption up in the mountains, off to Boise for a few days, up to McCall for a few days then back to Boise. I do have to say, never let two hard-headed people like Jess and myself be in a car together for a week. I now truly believe that our young people won't have to worry about social security taking care of them as most of them will die while texting, reading e-mails, doing business, all at the same time while trying to drive on the interstate at 85 mph. I tried to keep my mouth shut but I was so nervous I coudn't even nap - and thats unuaual for me. I'm sure it wasn't easy for Jess either but we make it through the week and we are still friends. I have had my fill of road trips for the time being. It was so much fun seeing family and friends.
Now, school as started and I am almost back in the routine. It's hard to go from the slow lane to the high-speed lane overnight, but somehow I have survived. I do love my job or early retirement would sure seem tempting. I am just going to take it a year at a time and not think past next summer.
Tomorrow I am off to the Manwaring reunion which we have every two years. Just a head's up for any of my family that reads this. Our family is in charge of the reunion in two years and we are planning of meeting in Lava Hot Springs on Labor Day weekend, 2012. Put it in you planners and don't give me the excuse you didn't get enough notice. I would love to have some Utah family attend and get to know your cousins and second cousins. Will close for now. I hope to add some photos as soon as I get them off my camera. My countdown has started. Only 35 more weeks of school then I get another summer off and I might be ready for another road trip.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week with the McCall Grandsons

I have to say, I am loving my new high speed computer and my humongous screen. Thanks to Jess for forceing me into buying it. Next thing I love is when my daughter Nichole goes to girls camp for a week. It is a good excuse to have two of my grandsons spend about 10 days with their "Nana." This summer it started out at the baptism of my oldest grandson Keayen on Sat. which was a wonderful, spiritual, and memorable occasion. I even got through the opening prayer without sobbing like an idiot. Spence gave a great little talk and we really felt the spirit. I still can't believe I can be that old to have a grandson baptized. How life rushes on no matter how you try to stop it. After the baptism, we all met at Kelly's house for great food and lots of fun on the four-wheeler and the grandkids in the dirt. My little city grandkids had a time of their life.
Late that evening me and the boys loaded up and headed for my mountian home in the Tetons. We were up early and to church on time which is surprising. Of course, the early-rising Reed helps a lot. Our Sunday was spent settling in and the boys discovering my toy room and trying out everything I had in there. They settled on toy guns and bow and arrows and carried those around with them pretty much everywhere we went.
It wasn't long we got our schedule down pat. Reed would rise early, climb in my bed where I would turn on the public educational station and go get on my exercise bike. By 8:30 Will would rise and I would be mostly done with my exercise. Quite a change for me as I have turned into a lazy slob and usually haven't gotten out of bed until that time.
During their stay here, we spent time at the parks a lot, the football field where they would shoot their guns as I walked, and swinging in my swing in the back. To me, that was the best time of all - relaxing and visiting with the boys. Boy, do they have stories.
By Thursday, we had just about used up all our options in the valley so we packed up and headed for Bear World in Rigby then off to a patriotic program that Kelly's children were singing in. They stole the show.
Late night that night which turned out to be the case for the rest of the week. Friday, we went back to Rigby but this time met the Kelly's at Rigby Lake for a fun afternoon swimming and playing in the dirt and sand. Rebecca fixed a delicious tin foil dinner for us all and I couldn't stop eating (what's new?). The kids swam some more and as it got dark, we settled in to watch a great fireworks show. It reminded me of when my own children were little and we would lay on the baseball field at ISU and watch the fireworks right overhead. It took me an hour and half to get on the road after the show and Reed and Will were real troopers.
Sat., we were up again and off to Victor for the community parade. We met up with Kelly's family again and the kids all got lots of candy while we enjoyed the floats. That evening we went back into Driggs for the big event of the season: Glenn Beck!! Again we spread our blankets on the grass and enjoyed an evening visiting old friends. Will and Reed made new friends and played football most of the evening. Glenn was so inspirational and sincere. He did mention that it was a little chilly and he never would have imagined wanting space heater on the fourth of July. He taught about 6,000 people more about U.S. history in his 45 minuted speech than they had probably learned all through high school. He related it all to God and told us to not sit back and let our government take control of our lives. He said our next George Washington was right now about knee high and we need to raise our children to stand up for what they believe in but most of all set a good example for them. He received quite a few of standing ovations which always brought tears to my eyes as he is so passionate about what he is saying.
Aften Glen and patriotic music from the BYUI band, the fireworks began. I have to say, I have never seen such a display. As beautiful as they were though, I thought they would never end. The boys were tired and I kept thinking of how long it was going to take us to get out of there. Reed had fallen asleep (following in the footsteps of his Uncle Kelly) and he was pretty upset when I had to wake him and drag him across the field, through standing water, and down a large ditch (didn't think of that when I parked where I did) to get to our car. Will was a trooper though encouraging Reed all along the way. Reed is not a night person !!
Next morning we got up and it took us all morning to pack to the trip back to Boise where we were to meet up with the parents. For the first hour, Reed practiced his reading then the rest of the way they got to watch videos on my two-screen portable DVD player I bought about year ago. I have to say, it is a great way to travel although it eliminates converstion, songs, and the abc games we used to play as a family. The trip took longer than we all wanted but we arrived at Spencer's place in the evening and got some playing time with the "other" cousins.
Next day, we spent the afternoon at Eagle Island and more beach and dirt time. Gotta love the dirt and sand! Then in the evening, the boys and parents packed up and headed back home to
McCall. It left a big hole in my heart and this week I have had to get used to being an "empty-nester" again. I cherish time with the grandkids.
I am sorry for any of you that have had to read this. I really write for my own good as it is as close to a journal as I get.
Next adventure is Max's baptism the end of this month. It will be time in the city for the grandkids. We are all meeting in Boise for a fun weekend. Looking forward to it.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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More Hints

I just have two hints today - one without a picture (it woud grose you out) and one with a beautiful picture.

First hint: never leave a can of pop in the freezer for more than 30 minutes!

Second hint: the picture and caption speak for themselves.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Computer - Wow this is hard learning new stuff

It's been six months since my resolution to spend more time on my blog, and I had an excuse because my old computer gave up the ghost. It told me it could only take so much abuse, and I had pushed it past it's limit - so bye, bye. Jess came to the rescue and found me a brand new computer on the internet and I received it last week. No more excuses. But, it has all new programs so I am still learning. I am going to keep this short to make sure I can still do this but first I want to attach a picture. I found these on my flash drive (I actually figured out how to read it) so I want to post them on my blog one at a time. They are cute pictures with great advice on them just in case anyone besides me reads this.

Before I close though, I have to announce that my neighbor just 1/2 block from me was just arrested yesterday (I missed it all because I wasn't home) for being the kingpin in one of the biggest drug cartels in the West. Not really anything to be proud of, but I have actually seen him in action right in front of my house. By the time I got the sherriff'"s office called, he had moved on. It sure is quiet at his house today. Watch the news. More later.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I know I haven't posted for a while. By the time I read all my e-mails and try to clean them up, it is time for me to head for bed. But, I need to post about my past weekend. It was Mother's Day and probably the best I have experienced. First, on Friday night I got to watch my two boys play basketball together again. Spence entered a team in a scholarship tournament and Friday they played two games. It sure wasn't like high school but was still enjoyable. I missed the huge crowd cheering for them but all good things pass.
Friday night, Spence, Kelly, Becca and baby Boston all spent the night at my little one-bathroom home. We had late-night pizza and visited into the night. Great memories. Thanks Becca and Kelly for staying at my house.
Saturday, I left for Boise to get there in time for Max's last football game. Nichole and I arrived right at 3 p.m. at the wrong field. Luckily we weren't far from the regular field and I got there in time to see Max get a touchdown. As much as watching Max play, I enjoy watching Spencer coach. For the Teton Terror, he is mighty patience with those little boys. Of course, it's easy when your team is always winning. I'm sure it means a lot to Max to have his dad coach. He probably doesn't realize how lucky he is. None of my children had that opportunity but I can't change that as much as I would like to. Too bad for the dad. He missed a great deal.
After the game, we all went to Applebees for a wonderful meal. Nichole had her boys with her and we had a fun time all together. I only eat out when I visit Boise so it was a real treat for me.
Sunday, we got to church at 9 a.m. which wasn't easy. I felt Summer should have had the day off being Mother's Day but once we got to church her job was pretty much over for the day. Spence ditched church for a while and went home and picked up the house so it was clean when we returned home. He then cooked a fabulous meal for his mother and his children's mother. The sun was shining (something I am not used to here in the mountains) so we ate outside and enjoyed the weather. Spence and I then cleaned up while Summer got to sit and visit with the neighbors. It was a nice relaxing day.
On Sunday, I arrived at a new place in my life. I received Sainthood. After church, one of the counselors in the bishopric came right down to me and introduced himself. I was a little taken aback but he said he had to come meet Spencer's mother. He said anyone that raised a son like Spence had to be a saint. I took that as a compliment which is what I hoped he meant. He did mention that his son idolized Spence so I am assuming he was giving me a huge compliment. So, now you can just refer to me as "Saint Nancy."
I spent the night and travelled home at my leisure on Monday. It was raining the whole way so I was glad I took in as much sun as I could the day before.
All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. Thanks to my other children for the texts and phone calls. Nichole gave me a Biggest Loser Book (is that a hint) and Spence and Summer gave me a great photo book. I had a hard time getting through it for the tears. What a great family I have. Jess sent me a book with inspirational stories that I love already. I think I am the luckiest mother ever.
So, down in the books go my Mother's Day 2010. I wish I had pictures but I can't revive my camera after freezing it in McCall at Christmas. That is next on my shopping list.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quiet Time in the Valley

I wish I had a photo to show but over Christmas I left my new camera in my car in MaCall and it froze and I can't seem to get it to un-freeze. So, for now, no photos.

Things have been quiet for me lately as I am staying out of trouble at school and I haven't been anywhere exciting. I do have to mention my trip to Boise about three weeks ago to spend time with three of my grandchildren while their parents vacationed in Arizona. I was afraid they would return home to sick kids and a dead dog but luckily neither happened. I was busy running kids to ballet, basketball, and other activities while the parents had massages and flew through the Grand Canyon in a helicopter. I was envious of the helicopter ride as it brought back memories of my helicopter rides in Vietnam. Other than that, I preferred being with the grandchildren than in sunny Arizona. We had a great time and my heart ached when I had to return home. Great memories. Thanks Spence and Summer for making that possible.

My entry today was really about the example parents set for their children. I am a firm believer that children are a relection of their parents and that was brought home again to me today in Primary. I teach the three-year olds in Church and today one little boy had a huge wad of gun that kept hanging out of his mouth. He kept playing with it and luckily, it managed to stay in his mouth and didn't get on the floor or on the table. I wondered why such a small child would have such a huge wad of gum but my curiousity was soon saisfied when during closing exercises, his mother walked into the primary and guess what? There was a big wad of gum hanging out of her mouth. I had to giggle to myself and confirm my feelings that kids are pretty much their parents in much smaller bodies. So all young parents, keep that in mind as you raise your children. It reminds me of a poster in the teacher's lounge at school that reads: "If you aren't modeling what you are teaching, you are teaching something else."
I hope the next time I post, it will be a little more exciting. Later!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gotta Love the Family

My New Year's resolution to spend more time blogging lasted about as long as my resolution to not each chocolate. Not much has been happening in my life lately except shoveling snow, going to ball games, and trying to stay out of trouble at school (which seems to be my biggest challenge as of late). I got called to the principal's office on Thursday and I have to say, it is not as fun as when you were in school and got called to the office. This often means your job is on the line and as I made the long walk down the hall, my thoughts were "what have I done or said now?" Usually, I am aware of things I say, but this time I was clueless. Due to the fact I am walking on thin ice after following a group of boys into the boys restroom to get them to go to class, I have been on my best behavior ever. Then, when I enter the office and he tells me to shut the door, wow - panic!! What a relief to find out the only problem was that a parent complained that I was trying to influence their child politically. Gee me? Not the Nancy I know. We talked it out, and I apologized again and said I would watch my big mouth but I had to walk a little prouder back to class knowing that at least one of my students listened to me. It wasn't that I was trying to push my political views on any of the students, but we were talking about economics and one student asked the question "where did all the money go." I couldn't resist. I had to mention that the government was spending money they didn't have so had to borrow from the Chinese. That led into a big discussion as to where the government gets their money and I guess I got a little carried away. In the end, I get to keep my job and will have to stay away from politics.
The real reason I am entering a new entry is I want it in the record that I am soooo thankful for my family. I feel sorry for my chldren that they got stuck with me for a mom, but it must have been for a reason. I was asked to be on a committee for the city, and as I entered the home of a lady about my age, I looked around and it was so clean, everything in order with beautiful furniture, a clean carpet, beautiful paintings and wall hangings and I have to say, I was jealous as to all her "stuff". As we sat there, I began to notice that she had no pictures of family - especially children or grandchildren. My curiousity got the best of me, and later when the opportunity arose, I asked her about it. Come to find out, she had never married. Been a school teacher all her career and had recently retired and had moved up to our valley to enjoy the beauty. My heart went out to her. Later as I came back to my humble home, I studied every picture I had of my family and was so thankful that family decorated my home instead of expensive pictures. I certainly don't have all the "stuff" she has but I have something more valueable than money can buy: A healthy, happy family who love me inspite of me being me. What more could I ask for in life?
So, thank you my children for loving me as I am. You mean the world to me and I want to tell you now as I didn't tell you enough growing up. I actually didn't know how important you were to me. I was just so busy being with you that I didn't realize that those times would eventually be "The good old days." Thank you. I love you. For you young parents, savor every minute you have with your children. Those minutes will be the best time of your life (until the grandkids come along). Some day you are going to miss them and you can never get them back.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

The new year has started and trying to keep with my resolution (list more on my blog but keep it shorter), I need to visit a little about my Christmas before it escapes me.
I packed the back of my little car/pickup to the hilt and took off from little Tetonia, Idaho headed for my final destination of McCall, Idaho. I made a stop in Rigby then headed west.
On Wednesday, Summer, Max, Macey, and Madison met Aunt JJ at the airport for a fun reunion. She had flown to Boise from El Paso to spend Christmas with her side of the family while hubby Tommy spent the holdiays with his daughter in Spokane, Wa. She was sad to be separated but was making the best of it. I'll bet it won't happen again though.
The kids had fun getting to know Aunt JJ again and she had them perform on Christmas Eve. They did a cute Twelve Days of Christmas then she and I took off North to McCall. The roads were clear and the sky filled with stars. I was worried about travelling to MaCall at night but Jess did a good job and we made it safe by about 10:30 p.m. I really felt like Nana Santa by now.
Christmas morning at the Crossleys was wild and wonderful. We all had fun opening many presents and the boys made a killing. Ned's family joined up for dinner (lunch) and Grandpa Crossley played with the boys and their toys most of the time. What a great Grandpa he is. Again, I felt bad I couldn't provide them with a great grandpa but it is what it is. Grandpa Crossley takes the place of two grandpas.
Sat. Jess and I too off for Boise and missed seeing the Neads as Jess had to catch a plane at 4:00. She had already said her goodbyes but it would have been fun to say goodbye again.
Me, I dropped her off at the airport and headed home. I spent the night in Burley which is about half way home for me. I literally crashed and slept as long the next morning as I could. Nana Santa had completed her job and needed a little rest.
What a great Christmas!! Now, to look forward to a new year and hopefully I will make it one of the best years of my life.