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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Thanks to Jessica, I have some new photos posted on my blog. Thanks Jess for your help. One of these days I will attempt it myself. I did have to learn how to label the pictures after she posted them so I am learning a little at a time. Each time it gets a little easier.
Below are pictures of the great time we had in McCall this Thanksgiving. It was fun having Jess and Tommy there. The food and the company were unbeatable. Thanks Crossleys for hosting. Our plans changed a little and we didn't spend the night in McCall but it all worked out for the best.
The next weekend I turned around and went back to Boise where I got to spend three fun days with the grandkids as Spencer and Summer took off and went to New York City. I forgot how little time a mother with young children has to herself. But, just a little word to you new mothers. Enjoy the children while they are young as it isn't long and they turn into teenagers and that brings with it a whole new set of challenges. That too will pass and then they will leave home and you more or less get your life back but you have a lot to show for all your hard work and sacrafice. Then the grandchildren come along and that is when you reap the rewards for your hard work. There is nothing better.
Speaking of grandchildren, while in Boise I got to witness Max make his very first basket while playing in his little league basketball game. He actually made three baskets and was bragging to his teammates about all the money he had earned. I offered him $1.00 a basket and besides that, he had in his head that his dad was going to pay him $20 a basket. You could almost see the dollar signs in his eyes but above and beyond that, he realized that he could make a basket if he tried hard enough. I can remember offering money for baskets and soccer goals, but soon the money doesn't matter any more and they score just because they know they can. Good job Max.
Next big adventure is Christmas and New Years. I am toying with the idea of driving to Texas but it all depends on the weather. This time I am going to try and get pictures and learn how to get them on my blog. Later.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving in McCall

Spence and Tommy enjoying Tommy's early Christmas gift - thanks to Nichole.

The "grandkids" - Will , Macey , Reed , Max (toothless) , and Maddy

Snack (junk food) time.

Tommy getting ready to give Nana a neck massage. This is after her frightening experience getting her spine straightened against her will.

Kids table - Maddy getting a jump on dinner.

Adult table. Thanks to Nichole for the beautiful settings and Summer for bringing the candle to add "atmosphere" to the meal.

Nana and Maddy preparing the relish tray. Maddy was brave and tried each veggie we added. She spit most of them out but she gave them a try. Her favorite were the olives - after she put one on each finger. She loves to help cook and Nana had a great time with her.