Sunday, May 22, 2011

Robin update

I need to add an update on my little birdie post I did on Mother's Day. In the last two weeks my little robin has attempted to build a nest above my porch light. Many times the wind has blown the nest down but she never gave up. Last attemp she was successful and I sat in my mothers favorite rocker and watched her as she finished it off. She would add sticks then move around in a circle as she cemented them down. I don't know how she ever made it stay where it is but she managed to get it in perfect sight of my watchful eyes as I sit and rest in mother's rocker. She watches me from her perch and up until today, every time I stood up to try and get a photo she would fly away. The last few days she has spent a lot more time there and seems to be more hesitant to leave the next. If she leaves, it isn't long before she is back. I think she must have layed her eggs and knows she can't leave them unattended for very long. Today, I was able to sneak up on her and snap this photo before she could fly away. I think she is realizing I am not going to hurt her or steal her eggs. I have been tempted to climb up there and look in the nest but I am afraid she will attack me. If ever I am on the porch, she is watching intently from the tree that is close by and squacking the whole time. She is definately acting like an over protective mother. I can't wait until the little birdies hatch. I will have to use the back door to avoid getting attacked. I used it as often as I could today to not disturb her. I will keep a running post and it will be interesting to see how long it tackes before the eggs hatch.

One more short post. I have to get this on record that last Friday afternoon was my afternoon from He**. I had planned a 90 minute activity for my sixth graders that was inspired by the show the Amazing Race. I had clues to each little activity I had planned and assumed it would take each of my eight teams about 10 minutes to complete the activity (which was inspired by the show Minute to Win It). I had nine activities and had some of them planned outside the school (bad idea because it has rained or snowed for the last 30 days). The first disaster happened as one of my leaders took her folder outside with all the clues and the wind immediately blew them all over the yard. Crap!! It all went downhill from there. I had parent volunteers helping with each station and I think they thought they were helping the teams by letting them complete the station as soon as possible. To make a long story short, each station only lasted about 4-5 minutes instead of the 10 I had planned and with 45 minutes left in the day I had 70 11 year olds that needed to be entertained. I couldn't send them back to class as this was a success party and that would not have been a good time for them. I ended up running relay races in the lobby of the school as by now it was pouring rain outside and the gym was being used by the p.e. classes. I have to say, that was the longest 45 miutes of my life. I'm sure I will get a call to the principals office tomorrow and I know I will burst into tears the minute I walk into his office. Lets hope he takes pity on me if I show a lot of remorse. It probably wouldn't have been so bad except there were a lot of rug burns on elbows and knees and some over hyper boys almost broke the glass doors. Only 3 1/2 days to go and a few months off. I have more time off that expected after tomorrow. Later.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Anyone reading this blog must wonder what a robin looking in my window has to do with Mother's Day. I am now almost convinced this is my mother in the form of a beautiful bird visiting me on this special weekend. I woke yesterday to this robin watching me from the window in my bedroom. I thought surely it was a one time thing but this went all day long. It wasn't just my bedroom window, when I would go into the living room it wasn't long the bird would be watching from my porch. Back to the bedroom, sure enough, soon the bird would appear. This went on all day long. As you can see, I even got close enough to snap a bunch of photos. The puppy-dog eyes were just begging me to let her in but I really didn't want bird poop all over my bedroom or I probably would have. Also at times, the little birdie would sit on my car window (again poopy) and act like she wanted to get in and have me take her for a ride. My mother's favorite thing to do was go for a ride and somewhere along the way stop for a soft ice cream cone that she would take so long eating that it would pretty much be melted. At first, I thought it was just a coincedence, but again this morning early at my window was the robin and this time she had a partner with her. They took turns standing on the ledge looking and watching me get ready for church. Waiting patiently for me on the window ledge when I returned from church, my little robins. I am now convinced it is a visit from my mom and dad just letting me know I am not alone on this special day. Thanks mom and dad for the company.

Because I was in McCall and Boise last weekend and gas is like filling my tank with liquid gold, I didn't go visit children this weekend so all day long I been reminiscing of when I really was a mother and had a home filled with laughter, song, teasing, and an occasional punch. I decided to list some of the things I remember most back when I really had to act as a mother. Now, I enjoy just being "Nana" and not have to be the mother figure I was for many years. I enjoy watching my own children take on that role and me just stand by and enjoy the payback.

These are just a few memories I have when I had children at home: Our drives in the car when we would sing and play games; playing hide and seek at my parents home; bike rides and playing at Holt arena; Saturday soccer games; Sunday evenings watching our favorite tv show: Life Goes On; trips to Lagoon and staying as long as possible to get our money's worth; the many, many ball games where I was so proud to be "the Nead's mom."; the band and choir concerts where I was just as proud; games around the kitchen table where everyone cheated except me; everyone helping with the children we tended in our home; Sunday's with the Belnaps and our weekly grilled cheese sandwiches; our bedtime routine where I would sing my mother's lullaby and tell the same boring story till all was quiet; our move to Teton Valley and how well everyone adjusted and quickly made friends; our Christmases at my parents home and the arrival of Santa with everyone wearing new pajamas; our Thanksgivings with the Manwarings and Manwaring reunions together with mom and dad; the pride I felt every time my little family performed together; my children bearing their testimonies every fast Sunday;

I could go on for pages but I just wanted to list a few of my fond memories. The last memory I would like to list is that of the joy and sorrow I felt each time one of my children left home and me hoping I had taught them life skills they would need in order to survive in the world. Apparently I did something right, as I have the greatest children anyone could have and I am so lucky to be their mom. I love you Nichole, Jessica, Spencer, and Kelly. You are my life and you have made my life one I will cherish forever and ever.