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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend in Twin

This past weekend I met the Nichole and Ned family in Twin Falls so they could celebrate their 15th anniversary. Thanks to Spencer's generousity with his bonus points, we got to stay at the new Ameritel Inn. I took the boys in my room and Nichole and Ned got their own little suite just down the hall. I think the highlight of the trip for the boys was chasing ground squirrels in and out of their holes in a vacant lot right next to the parking lot. I bought them play rifles that makes realistic noises and and lights up at the end, so the minute a squirrel would poke his head out a hole, off wend the guns. Being so close to civilization, the squirrels were pretty brave and we got to see a lot of them. Will's gun had a mind of it's own and began firing randomly and didn't want to stop. Will kept saying "stupid gun." He soon learned the trick to making it shut off and that helped some especially when it went off in the hotel when it was not supposed to.
Nichole and Ned went to the temple Friday night while me and the boys swam and lounged in the whirlpool. They all then went to a birthday party while I exercised and then crashed early. Nichole and I had a trip to Jackpot planned but we were too exhausted by the time they got back to the hotel.
Sat. morning, me, Ned and the boys got up early to play around Twin. We visited Shoshone Falls, Sportsman's Warehouse (where the picture was taken), watched about eight young guys base jumping off the bridge, watched four-wheelers race, and shopped at Walmart for new pants for the boys. What a great morning we had while Nichole wasted her time sleeping (I bet it was like heaven). We returned to the hotel and wanted to chase some more squirrels but when given the choice, the boys took the swimming pool over the squirrels. Ned and the boys swam and Nichole and I went shopping. It was then off to a wedding reception for them and off to the exercise room for me.
I took a short nap so I could be awake when they returned as I had promised Nichold I would accompany her to Jackpot. We actually went and all I can say is we didn't come away losers. I made Nichole leave with her winnings in tow and we returned to the hotel about 4 in the morning. We had fun. She gambled and I watched.
Sunday I slept in while they went back to their old ward in Hollister and attended church. I actually intended to start home early but I just couldn't get off the bed. We said our goodbyes about 2 p.m. and the boys were sad because we didn't get a last trip to the vacant lot to chase more squirrels. Next trip.
All in all, it was a great trip. Thanks again Spence for your little gift. We loved the hotel. By the way, I am proud of myself for taking pictures, getting them on the computer, then getting them posted on my blog. Jess should be proud. I didn't have to call her once.

Anniversary weekend in Twin Falls

This is a picture of Ned who couldn't stand the fact there was an empty horse on the ride at Walmart. What a great dad he is!! After playing in the pool with a couple of "dadless" boys, the grandma mentioned that she was trying to figure out a way they could rent him for the weekend. We then came up with a new business for Ned: "Rent A Dad". I think he could make a fortune. His boys don't know yet how lucky they are.

Twin Falls Weekend

This is a photo above Shohone Falls just outside of Twin Falls. We had a great time touring around Twin Falls while Nichole slept peacefully in the luxurious hotel room Spencer rented for us with his bonus points. I should have taken a picture of the hotel but didn't think about it. The boys and Ned had a great time throwing rocks over the edge and watching them hit the water.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Trip Down Memory Lane

I took an unexpected trip down memory lane this morning as I was cleaning out a box of "stuff" after re-arranging my little office. I ran across a manila envelope with pictures and cards that my mother had given me some years ago which I had forgotten about. Actually, I don't think I ever looked at it after she gave it to me. What memories this brought back. It had pictures from my Vietnam years, lots of pictures of my wedding, tons of pictures of family members, and the cutest little cards my kids had given her and dad one grandparents day. For any nieces and nephews that read this blog you will understand. First for my dad:
Nikki: To Grandpa: I love you because you give us treats and you take us to the garbage bend. Love Nikki
Jessica: To Grandpa: I love you becauce you love me. Love Jessica
Spencer: I love you because you have such a beatyful house. You give me hugs. You fix old toys and give to me. You let us stay here for a week. Love, Spencer
Kelly: (translated by Nancy): I love you because: You give me lots of hugs; You have a pretty Christmas tree; you take us to the dump; You love me. Love, Kelly
For Grammy:
Nikki: I love you because: your so nice and sometimes you take us to the rest homes. Love, Nikki
Jessica: To Grandma: I love you becauce, you teach us to dance. love, Jessica
Spencer: Grandma: I love you because you let us come visit. I love you because you teach us good songs. Spencer
Kelly: (translated again). Grandma: I love you because: you married grandpa; you teach me to dance; you bake us cookies; you have a fun house. Kelly
All these cards had a cute little picture attached to them. They must have been very special to my parents because they kept them so long. I can't remember doing this but if I came up with this idea it was a brilliant one. What a special gift for grandparents (I now know as I have reached that stage in my life and have my own grandchildren.).
Speaking of granchildren, I am getting cabin fever so am planning a road trip to I'm not sure where next weekend. Meeting up with the Crossleys and maybe the Spencer Neads or maybe just a gambling spree in Jackpot (I know we have been advised not to gamble, but I have to try out my new system for winning on the roullette table - just this once.) Can't wait to see the grandkids!! (Well, and my own kids too)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm told I need to add some pics to my blog so thought I would add this picture I took of the Tetons this summer just before sunrise. Pretty isn't it. This is for those of you that read my blog but have never visited the valley. This view is one reason I remain here. This shot was from my front porch. Speaking of porches, I was watchig Oprah the other day (which is rare) and they had a special on the tent cities popping up all over the country. I'm thinking hippies (or whatever they are called nowdays) but come to find out it was people my age that had lost everything they had. Most of the ones they interviewed had grown children that didn't know they were living in tents. I again was so thankful for my humble little home here in the shadows of the Tetons. I now call my little place "cozy" for lack of other words for being small. But, it is all I need and it prevents my children from moving home to live with me. (Just kidding, you know you are welcome anytime but you will all have to sleep in the same room).
I need to keep this short as it is late and six a.m. comes early. I hope to write a little more this weekend but I always think that and months go by and I never get around to it.
I do want everyone in the Reed Anderson Family to know that I am inviting them to Idaho on Memorial Day this year. I would love to have a little get together at the cemetary where my parents and two sisters are buried. I am also offering to pay for a motel room here in my litle town of Tetonia for any of you who would like to make the trek up to the valley. I have been asked to do the sacrament meeting in church that weekend and I am hoping I can bribe my children to come home for the weekend and speak briefly in church. I haven't asked any of them yet so this will come as a surprise to them. But, again, I am throwing out the invite to any nieces, nephews, cousins, or whatever to visit me here in vacation land. I will pay for a motel room for you. Can you beat that offer? As you can tell, I don't get many visitors up here in the back country.
Last thing. Lester Wade, my boy's basketball coach, died suddenly a few weeks ago and Spencer made the trip up to the viewing. When we went into the church, the line was a mile long but there was a group of his friends close to the front. We actually snuck in line with them and got through about two hours quicker than we would have. I have never been able to shake the guilt feeling though for "budging" in line (it's the school teacher in me). But, the whole point of this story is that it was really fun to visit with all his old friends - mainly the Kunz boys. They even stopped at my house for a few minutes on their way home. Brought back a lot of good memories of what is for me "the good old days".
Time to go. Word of warning to my children. Mark you calendars for the last weekend in May - Memorial Day. More info later.