Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween, Ball Game, Birthday Getaway

Going to try and keep this short but have a lot to talk about. I was getting ansie(sp?) last weekend so decided it was time for a road trip, so I got off school early (grade day) and headed West. I did have some other motivation though, first it being Halloween and second it was Spencer's birthday, but what I didn't know was Max was having his first basketball game ever and Spencer was the coach. Not going to say much about the game except I enjoyed watching Max play although I got a little out of control and realized why all my children grew up so competative and really enjoyed watching Spencer coach those little six-year old boys. He was really patient and didn't lose control of himself unlike his mother.
I drove as fast and frantic as I could from Teton Valley and arrived in Boise just in time to see the grandkids and all their friends finish their "trunk or treat" at the church. Max was so excited - he came up to me, showed me his bag of candy and said "look how much candy I have and I haven't even been to the neighbors yet." Maddy, she was sitting in the back of the van covered with chocolate and looking cute in her princess costume. Macy soon arrived looking as cute as Maddy in her identical costume. Summer said that Maddy was supposed to be the frog this year as per tradition but carried the princess costume all over the store and she didn't have the heart to make her into a frog instead of a princess. Smart move Summer.
After the trunk or treat, Spence loaded up the van with all the kids - about 10 of them - and off to the neighborhood to trick or treat up and down the block. It was interesting because I think there were more adults there than kids. Besides parents, there were grandpartents and aunts and uncles. We had a great time watching the kids run from door to door and visiting along the way. The weather was warm enough that coats weren't needed and the street was filled with princesses, ninjas, monsters, and you name it. Wasn't long the Neads ran out of candy so Summer just put a note on the door "Out of candy". What a fun evening and some great memories. Friday night alone was worth the long trip from the valley.
Sat morning we took off for Max's basketball game and again the gym was filled with as many grandparents as parents. We finally found a few chairs in the corner and Summer got a little frustrated having to take care of the two girls while trying to watch the game. She decided she would hire a babysitter next game so she could concentrate on the game. The little boys were so cute and it brought back a lot of memories from my days watching kids on the basketball court. Fun times and great memories for me.
Later that afternoon I watched the kids (actually didn't do much watching - but playing) as Spence and Summer went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. That was part of my gift for Spence was a little time off from the fam and time alone with his wife. I'm sure we at home had a better time than they did though. We spent time flying paper airplanes and building lego spaceships. Another great evening for nana.
I got up the next morning and headed east this time leaving with a lot of good memories and a long drive with a short visit but well worth it. Luckily the trip home was uneventful - no flying truck tires in the windshield this time.

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