Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving in McCall

Spence and Tommy enjoying Tommy's early Christmas gift - thanks to Nichole.

The "grandkids" - Will , Macey , Reed , Max (toothless) , and Maddy

Snack (junk food) time.

Tommy getting ready to give Nana a neck massage. This is after her frightening experience getting her spine straightened against her will.

Kids table - Maddy getting a jump on dinner.

Adult table. Thanks to Nichole for the beautiful settings and Summer for bringing the candle to add "atmosphere" to the meal.

Nana and Maddy preparing the relish tray. Maddy was brave and tried each veggie we added. She spit most of them out but she gave them a try. Her favorite were the olives - after she put one on each finger. She loves to help cook and Nana had a great time with her.

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MIN:) said...

Wonderful photos!!