Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week with the McCall Grandsons

I have to say, I am loving my new high speed computer and my humongous screen. Thanks to Jess for forceing me into buying it. Next thing I love is when my daughter Nichole goes to girls camp for a week. It is a good excuse to have two of my grandsons spend about 10 days with their "Nana." This summer it started out at the baptism of my oldest grandson Keayen on Sat. which was a wonderful, spiritual, and memorable occasion. I even got through the opening prayer without sobbing like an idiot. Spence gave a great little talk and we really felt the spirit. I still can't believe I can be that old to have a grandson baptized. How life rushes on no matter how you try to stop it. After the baptism, we all met at Kelly's house for great food and lots of fun on the four-wheeler and the grandkids in the dirt. My little city grandkids had a time of their life.
Late that evening me and the boys loaded up and headed for my mountian home in the Tetons. We were up early and to church on time which is surprising. Of course, the early-rising Reed helps a lot. Our Sunday was spent settling in and the boys discovering my toy room and trying out everything I had in there. They settled on toy guns and bow and arrows and carried those around with them pretty much everywhere we went.
It wasn't long we got our schedule down pat. Reed would rise early, climb in my bed where I would turn on the public educational station and go get on my exercise bike. By 8:30 Will would rise and I would be mostly done with my exercise. Quite a change for me as I have turned into a lazy slob and usually haven't gotten out of bed until that time.
During their stay here, we spent time at the parks a lot, the football field where they would shoot their guns as I walked, and swinging in my swing in the back. To me, that was the best time of all - relaxing and visiting with the boys. Boy, do they have stories.
By Thursday, we had just about used up all our options in the valley so we packed up and headed for Bear World in Rigby then off to a patriotic program that Kelly's children were singing in. They stole the show.
Late night that night which turned out to be the case for the rest of the week. Friday, we went back to Rigby but this time met the Kelly's at Rigby Lake for a fun afternoon swimming and playing in the dirt and sand. Rebecca fixed a delicious tin foil dinner for us all and I couldn't stop eating (what's new?). The kids swam some more and as it got dark, we settled in to watch a great fireworks show. It reminded me of when my own children were little and we would lay on the baseball field at ISU and watch the fireworks right overhead. It took me an hour and half to get on the road after the show and Reed and Will were real troopers.
Sat., we were up again and off to Victor for the community parade. We met up with Kelly's family again and the kids all got lots of candy while we enjoyed the floats. That evening we went back into Driggs for the big event of the season: Glenn Beck!! Again we spread our blankets on the grass and enjoyed an evening visiting old friends. Will and Reed made new friends and played football most of the evening. Glenn was so inspirational and sincere. He did mention that it was a little chilly and he never would have imagined wanting space heater on the fourth of July. He taught about 6,000 people more about U.S. history in his 45 minuted speech than they had probably learned all through high school. He related it all to God and told us to not sit back and let our government take control of our lives. He said our next George Washington was right now about knee high and we need to raise our children to stand up for what they believe in but most of all set a good example for them. He received quite a few of standing ovations which always brought tears to my eyes as he is so passionate about what he is saying.
Aften Glen and patriotic music from the BYUI band, the fireworks began. I have to say, I have never seen such a display. As beautiful as they were though, I thought they would never end. The boys were tired and I kept thinking of how long it was going to take us to get out of there. Reed had fallen asleep (following in the footsteps of his Uncle Kelly) and he was pretty upset when I had to wake him and drag him across the field, through standing water, and down a large ditch (didn't think of that when I parked where I did) to get to our car. Will was a trooper though encouraging Reed all along the way. Reed is not a night person !!
Next morning we got up and it took us all morning to pack to the trip back to Boise where we were to meet up with the parents. For the first hour, Reed practiced his reading then the rest of the way they got to watch videos on my two-screen portable DVD player I bought about year ago. I have to say, it is a great way to travel although it eliminates converstion, songs, and the abc games we used to play as a family. The trip took longer than we all wanted but we arrived at Spencer's place in the evening and got some playing time with the "other" cousins.
Next day, we spent the afternoon at Eagle Island and more beach and dirt time. Gotta love the dirt and sand! Then in the evening, the boys and parents packed up and headed back home to
McCall. It left a big hole in my heart and this week I have had to get used to being an "empty-nester" again. I cherish time with the grandkids.
I am sorry for any of you that have had to read this. I really write for my own good as it is as close to a journal as I get.
Next adventure is Max's baptism the end of this month. It will be time in the city for the grandkids. We are all meeting in Boise for a fun weekend. Looking forward to it.

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