Monday, September 1, 2008

Great Blog

Wow! What a great picture of my valley. No wonder I live here. Find the tall grain elevator towards the left side of the picture and that is where my little house is. Wow! what a great blog site. Thanks to my daughters Jess and Nikki for dragging me screaming and kicking into the blogger's world. I'm not going to write much this time as I am not sure this will really work but I do want to say, this weekend I went to the Manwaring Family reunion and thanks to Kelly and Becca for showing up to represent my family. What is sad, I can remember my mother dragging me to those reunions and now, I am that person forcing my children to attend. It was fun seeing all my cousins (now the older generation except for Aunt Lois and Aunt Eva). We realized that "we are now our parents!"
School has started and I have one week under my belt. I have had to add five desks to my classroom but we have a great, new principal so I think it is going to be a good year. I walked through the new middle school they are building and it is huge!
That is all for now. Nor not writing much, I ramble on and on.

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