Sunday, September 21, 2008

Here I go again. Jessica tells me if I am going to be a blogger I have to ad to my blog once in a while. I thought everyone that reads my blog (does anyone?) would just enjoy looking at the beautiful picture of the Tetons, read what I wrote first over and over again, then find my house in the picture and log off.
O.k., so there is more to it than that I guess. I'm just not used to this stuff. Wait until I learn how to put pictures on then it will get really exciting. But, that may be a while. I am still learning how to turn my new camera that the fam gave me on and off and once in a while I snap a few shots. Now I have to figure out how to get them off my camera and made into a real picture like I am used to.
If you read the Crossley blog, you were told that they visited me about three weeks ago and yes, I definately took advantage of my handy-man son-in-law spending the weekend up here. I have to admit, I did have a list ready for him to tackle and he didn't bat an eye (he didn't have time or he probably did it behind my back). I first set him to work helping me (well he did it all) prop the roof up on my old storage shed which collapsed last winter under the heavy snow. We found a couple of 4x4's in back of city hall, which I am sure they won't miss, and he sawed them the proper length then lifted the roof while I shoved them in place. It looks pretty good but we will see how sturdy they are when winter sets in.
Ned sent me into cardiac arrest though when he suggested he put a new shower head on my shower for me. I loved my old shower head as I got lots of pressure and had no complaints about it. But upon further examination, there was such a huge buildup of hard water that I don't know how I got any pressure at all. I did give in to letting him put a new head on with the promise that if I didn't like it he would replace the old one so he went to work replacing my shower head. He promised I would have good pressure, which has turned out true. Not as much pressure as before, but enough. I am now doing my part to conserve one of our most precious resources so I am now helping save the world thanks to Ned.
It was fun having the Crossleys visit and I even tolerated the dog - Hobbs. He is so patient with those little boys. At one point, Reed had him wrapped up in a rope and a sword sticking through the ropes and he was sitting so patiently with his paws crossed that I tried to get a picture but couldn't get my new camera to work. Yes, I turned it on first.
I have probably said enough but since it has been so long since I wrote I have a lot of catching up to do. Read on for more entertainment.
Next weekend I got to attend church with Kelly's family as they sang and sounded beautiful. Won't be long before Keayen is on "American Idol." He has a beautiful voice and Natalyah looked cute. Monika was sleeping peacefully on the bench so she missed the whole thing but her time will come considering how often they are asked to sing. I can see why.
(Almost done - bear with me). Next weekend I had a satellite dish installed so since then I have pretty much just sat in my chair (mom's wonderful rocking chair that Howard bought her) and skrolled through all the channels watching anything that catches my fancy. Have seen old episodes of M*A*S*H*, Home Improvement, etc. I guess it's time to get up out of my chair and do something productive.
Oh, I did referee a volleyball game for the first time last week in six years. I was scared to death but not to brag, I did a pretty good job. I realized though that almost no one looks at you except when it is time to serve. At one point, I was watching a young father and his cute baby in the stands and nothing was happening on the floor. Come to find out, they were all waiting for me to give the signal to serve. Duh! I tried to pay more attention after that.
O.k., one more thing. I got to know the newest member to our family a little better yesterday when we had a bonding moment on the phone. Thanks Tommy for the words of love and support. You made my day. Welcome to our crazy family!! Bye for now (finally, you are all saying).

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Nichole Jolene said...

glad you've stayed busy! every time i go to a game, i get the urge to ref again. then the urge to play takes over then i realize, my time again will come. right now i've got my boys. how come you decided to get a dish? you love it? looking forward to your break and see you soon~