Sunday, January 4, 2009

We love you Nana!!!

Nancy is the most generous person I know. She worries about her family so much, that none of us ever need worry. She is the coolest Grandma (we call her Nana~those prideful baby boomers) ever and I know her grandkids adore her.

She provided the most wonderful home life for us growing up, even with all her struggles and trials. I cannot fathom how she didn't kill all of us at the end of every day. She never got a break from being a Mom when "the Dad" came home. She was it. I know how tiring that is, and I only have 2 kids whereas she had 4 plus all our friends, plus daycare kids.

I don't ever remember playing a game when she wasn't in the bleachers. I don't ever remember being with a sitter. I know we must have been, but I can't recall. I don't ever remember feeling poor, although I know we were poorer than church mice.

I remember having fun. Travelling and singing in the car. Big mug refills. Long bike rides. Playing in the dome running around like wild indians while she walked. I remember Mom, rubbing my legs at night when I couldn't sleep because of growing pains. I loved having crimped hair and Mom would frequently braid it in a million tiny braids just before bed. I remember her playing the piano and singing "Good night" to all of us. I remember sitting on the front row at church so we would behave. Mom sang a lot! We always had music going. I hated Neil Diamond growing up but now I can't get enough. Thanks Mom!!

Mom sacrificed tons of time for me to learn the piano and I'm truly grateful. I have beautiful teeth that the dentists CONSTANTLY compliment me on because of Mom's hard work.

I remember being paged to the front of the store when she was done shopping at Fred Meyer. I remember one time going through a check out line and she told the checker she wouldn't pay for my items because she didn't know who I was. ARGH!!! I was embarassed.

I remember so many fun things that I can't list them. Thank you Mom!!! For loving us, for sacrificing for us, for raising us without bringing a string of boyfriends through our house. I know how lonely you must have been and I am so glad you gave up a lot of your needs so we would be safe.

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The Neads said...

We agree, happy 61st B-day. WOW that is a big number. Hope it's a great one.

Kelly, Rebecca, Keayen, Natalyah, Monika, and Boston.