Thursday, January 1, 2009

Brother Returns Home

Just a quick note on my blog. My brother Steve passed away last night and has returned to his family above. I know mom and dad were there to welcome him home. He is now able to breath normally and won't be visiting the hospital so often with minor heart attacks. Steve, you were loved and we will miss you and your cowboy songs and poetry. He asked that he be creamated and his ashes spread over the Tetons which he loved. We will have an informal memorial service sometime this summer and ride the lift to the top of the Tetons and spread his ashes according to his wishes. He asked that I write these words on paper and spread them with his ashes: "This old mountain man has gone as far as he can and now he is headed for peace in the valley." Bye bye Steve. Rest in peace.


Nichole said...

I'm so sorry for you loss Mom. So glad to know of the plan of the salvation. Love and Hugs~Nichole

Camilla said...

Oh, so sorry to hear the news--it is the first I've heard. I will tell the other Millars.