Thursday, June 11, 2009

Schools Out!!

Just in case anyone reads this, I just want you to know I am not dead. I have been crazy busy for the past month or so but things are going to slow down some as school is out. This is my second day without students and I am having a hard time changing from the fast lane down to the slow lane. I hate to admit this, but I have been sleeping in until 9:30 for the past two days. One reason is we have had not-stop rain and it is now depressing. At first I was grateful for the moisture, but now I am tired of it. I can't even get my lawn mowed because it is always wet. It is sure green though but we haven't been able to enjoy it. I got my second-hand swing out of the shed and have gotten to sit in it once!! But, I am off to Boise and McCall tomorrow for a week with the grandkids so maybe I will see the sun some where along the way.
I plan to catch up on the last couple of months when I return. Just want to thank my family for the fun phone calls I got on Mother's Day. I loved having them on my recording machine because I listen to them over and over again. Will report in later - maybe when the sun comes out.

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Camilla said...

We've had a ton of rain, too, I and I also find it depressing. I am so glad you have been sleeping in. Sounds like you needed it!