Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Break in El Paso

I am sooo proud of myself. I actually took a picture, got it from my camera onto my computer, then from my computer to my blog, without one little mistake. I feel like I have finally arrived in the computer era.
Above is the only photo I took of my spring break (now I need to remember to take pictures). I am in El Paso, Tex. in front of the great fence of Texas. Looking out, you are looking at Mexico. You see border patrol everywhere. I was afraid I was going to get shot just standing by the fence but I guess I was to blonde for that.
Took a quick trip to El Paso over my spring break to visit Jessica. I saw a lot of the front of her office as she couldn't tear herself away from her desk. Just kidding Jess. I wandered around the first day I was there and enjoyed the warmth. I finally thawed out from our frigid weather up here in the mountains. The second day we spent most of the time in the car as it was very windy and dirt from the desert was everywhere. We had fun seeing the sights of El Paso though. I left early the third day to head back to Idaho. Spent a very short time in Boise then we all left and headed to Rigby for the blessing of Boston Anderson Nead (Kelly and Rebecca's fourth child). Thanks Summer and Spencer for making the trip over to support family.
The last hour of my journey was the most treacherous. It was snowing and blowing as I traveled the last 40 miles home. I arrived home and said a prayer of thanks that I got home safe. Had a whirlwind trip and went to school the next day exhaused but with lots of memories. It was fun to see where Jessica and Tommy live and work. Thanks for the memories Jess.

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