Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fabulous at "Over 60"?

I just need to add a little to my blog that MY DAUGHTER JESS updated with pictures. I did not say I look fabulous but thanks Jess for the compliment. Not bad for over 60 though but not fabulous. Everyone else looks fabulous so it just helps me look better.

Now that I am here, I need to add my next parenting tip on building self esteem in children. Next favorite tip: Praise your child often and be descriptive. Parents are generally quick to tell their children when they've done something wrong, but may forget to give kids positive messages. Be descriptive in your positive praise - tell kids you like the way they completed a chore, applaud a hobby they show interest in and point out when they've made a good choice.

I have to say before I close. I look like I have been hit by a train. I had a couple of sores removed off my face and am now sporting two big bandages. I thought I would have the stitches out by the time school started but the doc can't do it until Thursday so I have to start school covered with bandages - right on my nose to boot. I'm sure I'll make a good impression the first day. Not so fabulous now Jess!


Cardon Family said...

Oh Yeah, Nana Frankenstien!

Nichole said...

how come you didn't have surgery pre reunion like you planned?

Momma H. said...

That was a fun trip through your reunion. Glad you posted pictures!