Monday, September 7, 2009

Reunion Continuation with Andersons

I need to continue on with my reunion week now that school has begun and the dust is settling. The above picture is of the New York cousin Eric Anderson. He is my nephew and the only son of my older brother Steve who passed away in January. Eric and his mother Evie came west with the remains of my brother who had been creamated. My other brother Gordon and his wife Paula came to Tetonia and on Wednesday we loaded Steve up and took the ski lift to the top of the Tetons then hiked as far back as we could. We felt like we were at the top of the world. We had a little memorial for Steve and sat for about an hour and enjoyed the view and the peace. It was a perfect day and I know Steve appreciated his last trip to the Tetons which he loved. It was a memorable day and a nice tribute to Steve.
Eric and Evie arrived in Tetonia on Sunday night while all my children were still there so Eric got to know his Nead cousins now they are all grown up. I hope he knows he has family "Out West" that love him and want him to be part of our family. On Thursday, we took off for Newton, Utah and that evening Gordon's children and their families came over for a nice dinner. Eric didn't know them as well as my children as he spent time with us when he was much younger. He now knows Gordon's family.
Maybe one of these days he will meet his other cousins. He must feel somewhat overwhelmed with the cousins on the Anderson side. He and Evie had to return to the east on Friday so they didn't get to attend the Reed Anderson reunion but maybe next time. Anderson reunion will be the next listing on my blog. I have some great pictures of the Millar and Russell families. Gordon, sorry I didn't seem to get pictures of your family. What was I thinking? I probably couldn't find my camera.
Next parenting tip: Be there. When it comes to spending time with your child, quality and quantity both count. Being there during the small, silly moments is just as important as being present for the big milestones. Work at creating fun, together-moments. Children will not forget these small moments with Mom and Dad. Later!

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