Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

The new year has started and trying to keep with my resolution (list more on my blog but keep it shorter), I need to visit a little about my Christmas before it escapes me.
I packed the back of my little car/pickup to the hilt and took off from little Tetonia, Idaho headed for my final destination of McCall, Idaho. I made a stop in Rigby then headed west.
On Wednesday, Summer, Max, Macey, and Madison met Aunt JJ at the airport for a fun reunion. She had flown to Boise from El Paso to spend Christmas with her side of the family while hubby Tommy spent the holdiays with his daughter in Spokane, Wa. She was sad to be separated but was making the best of it. I'll bet it won't happen again though.
The kids had fun getting to know Aunt JJ again and she had them perform on Christmas Eve. They did a cute Twelve Days of Christmas then she and I took off North to McCall. The roads were clear and the sky filled with stars. I was worried about travelling to MaCall at night but Jess did a good job and we made it safe by about 10:30 p.m. I really felt like Nana Santa by now.
Christmas morning at the Crossleys was wild and wonderful. We all had fun opening many presents and the boys made a killing. Ned's family joined up for dinner (lunch) and Grandpa Crossley played with the boys and their toys most of the time. What a great Grandpa he is. Again, I felt bad I couldn't provide them with a great grandpa but it is what it is. Grandpa Crossley takes the place of two grandpas.
Sat. Jess and I too off for Boise and missed seeing the Neads as Jess had to catch a plane at 4:00. She had already said her goodbyes but it would have been fun to say goodbye again.
Me, I dropped her off at the airport and headed home. I spent the night in Burley which is about half way home for me. I literally crashed and slept as long the next morning as I could. Nana Santa had completed her job and needed a little rest.
What a great Christmas!! Now, to look forward to a new year and hopefully I will make it one of the best years of my life.

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