Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween 2009 at the Spencer Nead's

I know this is a little after the fact, but considering I am planning on using this blog as a journal until I can get my act together and start writing one, I need to talk about my Halloween weekend.
I took the Friday off from school and headed for Boise and arrived there on Friday evening. I wanted to have as much time there as possible and I knew Max had his first basketball game of the season on Sat. morning. It seems like months since I have been there but with school starting and my two surgeries on my cancerous nose (finally got it all removed though) it has been a while. It seemed like little Madison had forgotten me but she soon warmed up to me and snuggled down on my shoulder. Spencer had just been to the store for something and had brought the girls each some stickers so they spent about an hour covering my shirt and hat with stickers. We had so much fun that was worth the whole trip there.
Come Sat., Max & Spence left for a haircut and a new pair of basketball shoes. They returned with Max sporting some fancy black shoes and off to the basketball game. Max has improved so much from last year and between Spence and my incentives, he made two baskets and passed the ball often I don't remember my boys playing ball at seven years of age, but they must have. I only remember the soccer games that we loved.
After the game, Spence took us to a great Mexican restaurant for lunch and I sat with the kids. At one point, I watched a lady about my age leave the restaurant with her bag of food, get in her car (which had a handicapped sticker in it), but she never left. She must have sat in her car to eat her food and as I sat and watched, tears of joy came to my eyes as I realized how lucky I am to have family that loves me (well I think so) and welcomes me into their lives and homes. Things could have been so different in my life but I wouldn't change a thing now that I am at this stage.
After a fantastic lunch, off to the house to prepare for an evening of trick or treating and lots of candy. By now, the Crossleys were due to arrive as I had talked them into coming down to have Halloween with us. Each family got the kids all dressed up cute and then Nichole and Ned emerged from the house. Holly molly!! Ned had on these huge bull horns and Nichole was dressed up as a "Red Neck Beauty Queen". For some reason, I didn't get pictures of them so I can't post them on my blog but they were a scream. A huge group of us took off to canvass the neighborhood and there were as many adults there as children. We had more fun watching the kids race from house to house as the kids did running from door to door. I took charge of Madison and after about an hour she got tired of walking so we went back to the house to get a stroller but she decided to ride her bike. How cute she was, this little princess and her trick or treat pumpkin hanging from the handlebars. She would ride up to each house, dismount, and ring the doorbell. We were a little behind the rest of the kids but she was a tropper. I didn't get a picture of that either. I just can't get used to being able to take as many pictures as I want but I am getting a little better. At least I remember to take my camera with me this time and got at least one cute picture. The Nead's had put a football jersey on their big dog and he went with us. Everyone took turms holding his lease, but I think Ned had him the most. Ned's horns eventurally fell off, but they were pretty impressive.
By the time we returned to the Nead's house with way too much candy, Summer had a great meal fixed and they had people in and out of their house all night and at least 500 trick-or-treaters. It was sure a fun night. We all fell into bed exhaused but with wonderful memories.
The next morning we woke up and because of daylight savings time, we had an extra hour. Max and I sat upstairs and I watched him play the football game I had given him for his birthday. At one point, he had the Idaho Vandals playing and I asked him if he knew anyone on the Vandals and with his no reply, I told him that his Uncle Kelly had played for the Vandals and that his Grandpa Nick played for the Vandals. He was a little puzzled so I told him a little bit about his Grandpa Nick. I can't imagine what children must think when they find out they have a grandpa they don't know but then I can't imagine growing up without a dad either considering how much I loved my dad, but my children did and they have comes to terms with it and I feel in some ways the boys are determined to be good fathers because of it.
At one point in the game, I asked Max if anyone ever got hurt and he laughed and said "No Way." It wasn't too long after that, due to my promptings, Max was doing a victory dance and fell and bumped his mouth on controllers and really got hurt. This may be a first. A player hurt while doing a victory dance. I hope I wasn't to blame for his injuries but he will never forget that dance.
I headed back to my mountain home with great memories of Halloween 2009 in Boise. Thanks Neads and Crossleys for a trip well worth it. See you at Thanksgiving.


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Redneck RODEO Queen MOTHER!!

Nichole said...

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