Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quiet Time in the Valley

I wish I had a photo to show but over Christmas I left my new camera in my car in MaCall and it froze and I can't seem to get it to un-freeze. So, for now, no photos.

Things have been quiet for me lately as I am staying out of trouble at school and I haven't been anywhere exciting. I do have to mention my trip to Boise about three weeks ago to spend time with three of my grandchildren while their parents vacationed in Arizona. I was afraid they would return home to sick kids and a dead dog but luckily neither happened. I was busy running kids to ballet, basketball, and other activities while the parents had massages and flew through the Grand Canyon in a helicopter. I was envious of the helicopter ride as it brought back memories of my helicopter rides in Vietnam. Other than that, I preferred being with the grandchildren than in sunny Arizona. We had a great time and my heart ached when I had to return home. Great memories. Thanks Spence and Summer for making that possible.

My entry today was really about the example parents set for their children. I am a firm believer that children are a relection of their parents and that was brought home again to me today in Primary. I teach the three-year olds in Church and today one little boy had a huge wad of gun that kept hanging out of his mouth. He kept playing with it and luckily, it managed to stay in his mouth and didn't get on the floor or on the table. I wondered why such a small child would have such a huge wad of gum but my curiousity was soon saisfied when during closing exercises, his mother walked into the primary and guess what? There was a big wad of gum hanging out of her mouth. I had to giggle to myself and confirm my feelings that kids are pretty much their parents in much smaller bodies. So all young parents, keep that in mind as you raise your children. It reminds me of a poster in the teacher's lounge at school that reads: "If you aren't modeling what you are teaching, you are teaching something else."
I hope the next time I post, it will be a little more exciting. Later!

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The Neads said...

Good thing our kids turn out like us and not anyone else...
Glad both of us have daughters a lot like us :)
I wouldn't have it any other way.. that is why God sends those special spirits to each home.. because that is his plan that they will learn from those parents and grow from their teachings.. What a great opportunity that God bestows upon us women to take care of those children.
I hope my children are a reflection of their parents..