Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Computer - Wow this is hard learning new stuff

It's been six months since my resolution to spend more time on my blog, and I had an excuse because my old computer gave up the ghost. It told me it could only take so much abuse, and I had pushed it past it's limit - so bye, bye. Jess came to the rescue and found me a brand new computer on the internet and I received it last week. No more excuses. But, it has all new programs so I am still learning. I am going to keep this short to make sure I can still do this but first I want to attach a picture. I found these on my flash drive (I actually figured out how to read it) so I want to post them on my blog one at a time. They are cute pictures with great advice on them just in case anyone besides me reads this.

Before I close though, I have to announce that my neighbor just 1/2 block from me was just arrested yesterday (I missed it all because I wasn't home) for being the kingpin in one of the biggest drug cartels in the West. Not really anything to be proud of, but I have actually seen him in action right in front of my house. By the time I got the sherriff'"s office called, he had moved on. It sure is quiet at his house today. Watch the news. More later.

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Nichole said...

NO WAY!!!!! Your house is definitely worth some cashola now. I remember you telling me you had some guys offer you money for it. Probably wanted it as a drop house eh?