Sunday, September 5, 2010

School Has Begun

Been ages since I blogged. Just a quick run down of what I have been doing lately. Summer went sooo fast I couldn't believe it. I didn't have any other jobs this summer except occasionally cleaning the reunion house at the base of the Tetons. At the end of the summer, I got my fill of being on a road trip and actually came home a couple of days early because I had been gone so long. Spent a few days in Boise, came home cleaned the lodge, went back to Boise, met Jessica who flew out from El Paso, came home again, cleaned the lodge, packed up (Jess wouldn't let me take all my "stuff" and I felt I was living on the edge), went to Utah to attend my nieces beautiful wedding at the SL temple then had a receiption up in the mountains, off to Boise for a few days, up to McCall for a few days then back to Boise. I do have to say, never let two hard-headed people like Jess and myself be in a car together for a week. I now truly believe that our young people won't have to worry about social security taking care of them as most of them will die while texting, reading e-mails, doing business, all at the same time while trying to drive on the interstate at 85 mph. I tried to keep my mouth shut but I was so nervous I coudn't even nap - and thats unuaual for me. I'm sure it wasn't easy for Jess either but we make it through the week and we are still friends. I have had my fill of road trips for the time being. It was so much fun seeing family and friends.
Now, school as started and I am almost back in the routine. It's hard to go from the slow lane to the high-speed lane overnight, but somehow I have survived. I do love my job or early retirement would sure seem tempting. I am just going to take it a year at a time and not think past next summer.
Tomorrow I am off to the Manwaring reunion which we have every two years. Just a head's up for any of my family that reads this. Our family is in charge of the reunion in two years and we are planning of meeting in Lava Hot Springs on Labor Day weekend, 2012. Put it in you planners and don't give me the excuse you didn't get enough notice. I would love to have some Utah family attend and get to know your cousins and second cousins. Will close for now. I hope to add some photos as soon as I get them off my camera. My countdown has started. Only 35 more weeks of school then I get another summer off and I might be ready for another road trip.

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