Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My newest grandchild

I have to keep this short as it is late but I had to show off the newest member of my wonderful family. Little CJ (Cole James) joined our family Oct. 4th and he fit right in as each of his siblings held and passed him around when he was about 3 hours old. My job was to get his brother and sisters to the hospital in time to be there when he was born, but because he came quick and earlier than expected, we were about an hour late but got to see him when he was an hour old just as his dad brought him out of the delivery room. About an hour later, we got to join him and mom in the hospital room where they each got to hold him and welcome him to their family. What a wonderful experience for all of us. Even though no one believes me, I got him to smile twice at me - at three hours old. I do have a way with babies. I feel like Grammy Anderson was hanging around after escorting him to this earth and little CJ pretty much supported my feelings. I had a hard time leaving him on Wed., and he even grunted (my interpretation of a goodbye) when I had to return to my mountain home. I haven't been able to stop thinking about him since I left. I have more picures I am going to post later.

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