Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

This post is for my family members that did not get to visit the graves of my mother, father and two sisters, Linda and Diane. I made three trips out to the cemetary and decorated graves in the blustering wind but luckily, the rain stopped long enough for me to get my chores done. I have accumulated quite a few plastic flowers that I add to every year and I know plastic, but they don't need water and I am not good keeping real flowers alive. I also buy 6-8 pots of mums that I have learned how to secure down with stakes so they stay upright for the three days I leave them there. I then take them back to my house and plant them and if I remember to water them, I enjoy them for a couple of weeks. As I left the cemetary on Friday night after watching the sun set with my family, as I drove away I was gently reminded that I hadn't left my usual bunch of lilacs that my mother loved. I usually stop at the little house she lived in while in IF and cut lilacs but this year I took a different route to the cemetary and totally forgot the lilacs. I promised her I would get some in Boise and leave them on my way back home. In Boise, I didn't see one lilac tree and as I left, I wondered where I would find blooming lilacs on the side of the freeway. In Twin Falls, I was prompted to take a street running along the side of the freeway that I thought I had seen a lilac tree on the way past but wasn't sure. As I was just about to turn around, wa la, there were two small blooming lilac trees in the gutter so I didn't have to invade anyones property. Cut my lilacs and off I went back to the cemetary. I left the lilacs next to mom's headstone and was proud that I had listened to that still small voice telling me where I could find them. Again, the wind was blowing hard so I quickly grabbed all my flowers and I think I might have taken some other flowers that had been left there. So, if anyone left flowers at the graves and they disappeared, I probably have them and they will be put back next year.

Update on my robins. My little robin has gotten braver and doesn't frighten quite like she used to. She is spending more time in the nest so I think she must have layed her eggs. I saw something so touching today I need to get it down for all to enjoy. I haven't seen the male Robin lately but today as I sat in the chair watching, the male Robin flies to the edge of the nest, gives the female a worm, then the female jumps to the side of the nest, the male looks down at the eggs and flies away. It was sooo cute. I would love to get up there to see how many eggs there are, but I am afraid I would get attacked. Whenever the mother birdie leaves the nest and I am outside, she is close by chirping as loudly as possible warning me not to get closer. I can't resist looking at her and saying "I was here first" and off I go. I have begin to use my back door as much as possible as not to disturb her. I can't wait until the little birdies hatch. I will get another photo when that happens. If by chance someone reading is wondering about the robins, check out my last two posts.

I am looking at life different these days. Will post more on that later.

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