Saturday, March 7, 2009

Trip Down Memory Lane

I took an unexpected trip down memory lane this morning as I was cleaning out a box of "stuff" after re-arranging my little office. I ran across a manila envelope with pictures and cards that my mother had given me some years ago which I had forgotten about. Actually, I don't think I ever looked at it after she gave it to me. What memories this brought back. It had pictures from my Vietnam years, lots of pictures of my wedding, tons of pictures of family members, and the cutest little cards my kids had given her and dad one grandparents day. For any nieces and nephews that read this blog you will understand. First for my dad:
Nikki: To Grandpa: I love you because you give us treats and you take us to the garbage bend. Love Nikki
Jessica: To Grandpa: I love you becauce you love me. Love Jessica
Spencer: I love you because you have such a beatyful house. You give me hugs. You fix old toys and give to me. You let us stay here for a week. Love, Spencer
Kelly: (translated by Nancy): I love you because: You give me lots of hugs; You have a pretty Christmas tree; you take us to the dump; You love me. Love, Kelly
For Grammy:
Nikki: I love you because: your so nice and sometimes you take us to the rest homes. Love, Nikki
Jessica: To Grandma: I love you becauce, you teach us to dance. love, Jessica
Spencer: Grandma: I love you because you let us come visit. I love you because you teach us good songs. Spencer
Kelly: (translated again). Grandma: I love you because: you married grandpa; you teach me to dance; you bake us cookies; you have a fun house. Kelly
All these cards had a cute little picture attached to them. They must have been very special to my parents because they kept them so long. I can't remember doing this but if I came up with this idea it was a brilliant one. What a special gift for grandparents (I now know as I have reached that stage in my life and have my own grandchildren.).
Speaking of granchildren, I am getting cabin fever so am planning a road trip to I'm not sure where next weekend. Meeting up with the Crossleys and maybe the Spencer Neads or maybe just a gambling spree in Jackpot (I know we have been advised not to gamble, but I have to try out my new system for winning on the roullette table - just this once.) Can't wait to see the grandkids!! (Well, and my own kids too)

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Nichole said...

Fun memories~to the dump to the dump to the dump dump dump (recited in a sing songy voice set to the tune of that one song....oh yeah William Tell Overture)

Excited to see you this weekend!