Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm told I need to add some pics to my blog so thought I would add this picture I took of the Tetons this summer just before sunrise. Pretty isn't it. This is for those of you that read my blog but have never visited the valley. This view is one reason I remain here. This shot was from my front porch. Speaking of porches, I was watchig Oprah the other day (which is rare) and they had a special on the tent cities popping up all over the country. I'm thinking hippies (or whatever they are called nowdays) but come to find out it was people my age that had lost everything they had. Most of the ones they interviewed had grown children that didn't know they were living in tents. I again was so thankful for my humble little home here in the shadows of the Tetons. I now call my little place "cozy" for lack of other words for being small. But, it is all I need and it prevents my children from moving home to live with me. (Just kidding, you know you are welcome anytime but you will all have to sleep in the same room).
I need to keep this short as it is late and six a.m. comes early. I hope to write a little more this weekend but I always think that and months go by and I never get around to it.
I do want everyone in the Reed Anderson Family to know that I am inviting them to Idaho on Memorial Day this year. I would love to have a little get together at the cemetary where my parents and two sisters are buried. I am also offering to pay for a motel room here in my litle town of Tetonia for any of you who would like to make the trek up to the valley. I have been asked to do the sacrament meeting in church that weekend and I am hoping I can bribe my children to come home for the weekend and speak briefly in church. I haven't asked any of them yet so this will come as a surprise to them. But, again, I am throwing out the invite to any nieces, nephews, cousins, or whatever to visit me here in vacation land. I will pay for a motel room for you. Can you beat that offer? As you can tell, I don't get many visitors up here in the back country.
Last thing. Lester Wade, my boy's basketball coach, died suddenly a few weeks ago and Spencer made the trip up to the viewing. When we went into the church, the line was a mile long but there was a group of his friends close to the front. We actually snuck in line with them and got through about two hours quicker than we would have. I have never been able to shake the guilt feeling though for "budging" in line (it's the school teacher in me). But, the whole point of this story is that it was really fun to visit with all his old friends - mainly the Kunz boys. They even stopped at my house for a few minutes on their way home. Brought back a lot of good memories of what is for me "the good old days".
Time to go. Word of warning to my children. Mark you calendars for the last weekend in May - Memorial Day. More info later.

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Nichole said...

Last weekend in May eh? That pushes our trek up to Table Rock down the mountain quite a bit. But if it's like here, very light winter.

We'll bring our pop up tent trailer so we can sleep there.

Kelly said they are planning to come!

Tommy thinks he's going to beat us all up the mountain but he's got another think coming cuz he hasn't seen me run like a girl...try to keep up Tiny Tim