Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend in Twin

This past weekend I met the Nichole and Ned family in Twin Falls so they could celebrate their 15th anniversary. Thanks to Spencer's generousity with his bonus points, we got to stay at the new Ameritel Inn. I took the boys in my room and Nichole and Ned got their own little suite just down the hall. I think the highlight of the trip for the boys was chasing ground squirrels in and out of their holes in a vacant lot right next to the parking lot. I bought them play rifles that makes realistic noises and and lights up at the end, so the minute a squirrel would poke his head out a hole, off wend the guns. Being so close to civilization, the squirrels were pretty brave and we got to see a lot of them. Will's gun had a mind of it's own and began firing randomly and didn't want to stop. Will kept saying "stupid gun." He soon learned the trick to making it shut off and that helped some especially when it went off in the hotel when it was not supposed to.
Nichole and Ned went to the temple Friday night while me and the boys swam and lounged in the whirlpool. They all then went to a birthday party while I exercised and then crashed early. Nichole and I had a trip to Jackpot planned but we were too exhausted by the time they got back to the hotel.
Sat. morning, me, Ned and the boys got up early to play around Twin. We visited Shoshone Falls, Sportsman's Warehouse (where the picture was taken), watched about eight young guys base jumping off the bridge, watched four-wheelers race, and shopped at Walmart for new pants for the boys. What a great morning we had while Nichole wasted her time sleeping (I bet it was like heaven). We returned to the hotel and wanted to chase some more squirrels but when given the choice, the boys took the swimming pool over the squirrels. Ned and the boys swam and Nichole and I went shopping. It was then off to a wedding reception for them and off to the exercise room for me.
I took a short nap so I could be awake when they returned as I had promised Nichold I would accompany her to Jackpot. We actually went and all I can say is we didn't come away losers. I made Nichole leave with her winnings in tow and we returned to the hotel about 4 in the morning. We had fun. She gambled and I watched.
Sunday I slept in while they went back to their old ward in Hollister and attended church. I actually intended to start home early but I just couldn't get off the bed. We said our goodbyes about 2 p.m. and the boys were sad because we didn't get a last trip to the vacant lot to chase more squirrels. Next trip.
All in all, it was a great trip. Thanks again Spence for your little gift. We loved the hotel. By the way, I am proud of myself for taking pictures, getting them on the computer, then getting them posted on my blog. Jess should be proud. I didn't have to call her once.

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